How to Repair a hole in your Pool Float! – A Quick How to

What You’ll Need:

  1. Vinyl Repair kit 
  2. Colored Vinyl of the floatie
  3. Positive mindset 🙂

Step 1: Finding the Leak (Hole or Rip)

In order to find the hole where air is escaping may seem a tricky if the leak is slow, however, the air itself can help you spot the leak in your pool float. To find the hole (no matter how big) you should inflate the float completely and close its air valve. Secondly, you should Place the float in your pool and submerge a section at a time, looking for any air bubbles. If you don’t have a pool at your disposal you can use a bathtub. Once in the bed of water, rotate the inflatable (submerging it as much as possible) until you’ve found the source of the leak. Brush the water away from the area and stick a piece of  tape (we prefer Duct tape) near the hole so you can find it later.

Step 2: Sealing/Patching the hole

This step is the tricky part as you have to be careful when patching the whole (the last thing you want is adhesive or glue on your float). Deflate your pool float until there is no more air and position so that the hole (place we covered with Tape in step 1) is facing up with a clear surface of about 1″ on every side of the hole. Take off the tape.. It’s time to put your Vinyl Repair Kit to the task!

We’ve decided to use Airstop by Coghlan’s however you may use other patch kits, which will work fine (please see the disclaimer below about finding repair kits). Carefully place the vinyl repair over the hole, trying your best to avoid contact to the other area’s of the pool float! We definitely don’t want to stick pieces inside together!

Once the Patch kit is applied, set aside your float for about 20 minutes to allow the glue to dry. During this time we’re going to get our Colored Vinyl to seal over the patch and hide it from view.

In this example we’re patching our pink flamingo float, so we’ve ordered some pink vinyl scraps which will blend perfectly with our floaty! Simply peel back the adhesive layer and carefully place it over the float evenly.

Congratulations! You just repaired your Inflatable pool float!

Pool Float Repair disclaimer

**pool and vinyl repair kits accomplish the same thing, they’re not all created equal. Some kits work only on vinyl and vinyl-covered floats, while others are designed for rubber or other materials. If unsure what your pool float is made from, visit the manufacturer’s website or call the company’s information line to find out.


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